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Top 10 Tours & Rentals in Venice

10. People Mover

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To start our Top 10 Venice transport, we have the move with the best name around: the People Mover. This cool system, opened in 2010, is a public transit system helping travelers and locals alike navigate the floating city. Connecting the Piazzale Roma with the Tronchetto Island car parking facility, the People Mover can make your travels easy as pie. Just don’t bring pie on the train, unless you plan to share with the conductor. The train runs from approximately 8:40 AM to 8:50 PM. 

9. Neat Shuttle

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Looking for a classy ride to pick you up from the airport? The Neat Shuttle service has been transporting the who’s who of Venice around for decades. Book a limousine to impress your date, drive to that important business meeting, or just to get around the city in style. The nice people at Neat Shuttle don’t worry about your reasons, they just worry about your comfort and class—we think that’s pretty neat. Open 24 hours daily.

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8. Zephyrus

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There’s something magical about traveling through the historic city of Venice in a historic old car. Zephyrus Classic Car Hire provides this enchanting service to the people of Venice: bringing the fresh scents and sights of the city and surrounding area to life from an open-top convertible. Choose the car and Top 10 Venice tour that fits your personal Italian dream; zoom through the countryside and feel that Venetian breeze blow through your hair. Cars and tours bookable online. 

7. Consorzio Motoscafi

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What good is a city built on water if you don’t use boats to get around?! Our first water transport to make the Top Ten Venice tours is the one and only water taxi—offered by The Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia! Running 24 hours a day and boasting a fleet of over 100 water taxis, this business can boat you where you need to go. You can book one online or do it the old-fashioned way and find one on the street (well, water street). Booking office open 9 AM – 6 PM. 

6. Il Burchiello Cruise

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A little more than just buzzing around the city, this cruise will provide you with fine examples of the extravagant summer homes of the aristocrats from the 18th century. You cruise along the canal, pass through locks, and visit three separate villas. From there, you will pass through the Moranzani locks and view 40 opulent villas from the period. Come see how the locals live. Price is approximately $113.00 and children under 5 are free. Top 10 Venice cruises bookable online. 

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5. Air Tour


Want to experience Italy from above? This breathtaking tour takes you on a glorious sightseeing extravaganza of the famous Italian Dolomite Mountains. This Top 10 Venice tour will make several stops along the way to afford the wishful traveler great photo ops for mountain views, glaciers, and lush emerald green lakes. You will also visit the luxurious mountain resort called Cortina d’Ampezzo and home to the 1956 Winter Olympics. Don’t worry folks: there is nothing "plane" about this tour. Take-off at 9 AM. 

4. Traghetto


For much of Venice’s history, the only way to cross the Grand Canal was across the Rialto Bridge (one of our Top Ten Venice attractions)! Now, there are more bridges, but still not enough for continuous quick and easy access. That’s where traghettos come in. Cheap, fast, and easy, these quick boats can get you across the canal in no time. There isn’t much room to sit down, but the ride is so short you won’t even notice—well, unless you fall in. Then you might notice. 

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3. City Sightseeing

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If you’re a traveler that enjoys the hop on/hop off city bus tour style of travel, boy-oh-boy do we have a treat for you! City Sightseeing Venezia offers the same style of tour, but on a water bus! Buzz around the city and hit all the sights at your own pace (or the pace of your sassy grandmother who thinks you walk too fast). Hop off at all the stops or stay onboard to enjoy a leisurely ride around the city. Top 10 Venice tours run daily and are bookable online. 

2. Vaporetto


We couldn’t keep one of the most efficient travel systems in the floating city off our Top 10 Venice tours! The vaporetto system is much like a bus system, but with boats. There are 19 scheduled lines that continuously bring travelers and locals to different areas of the city. Wind through the waterways and get where you’re going with ease, but beware—the buses fill up fast! You may have to battle other enthusiastic travelers for the best seats, but we bet you’re up to the waterlicious challenge. 

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1. Gondola

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Finally, we have arrived at the most iconic way to travel through the floating city: the gondola. A symbol of the city and an element of romance, these mystical boats and their charming drivers have been wooing the city’s patrons since it’s founding. Glide seamlessly through the city with that special someone and experience the city the way it was intended—from the seat of a boat. You won’t need a life jacket for this ride; you’ll be floating on cloud nine. 

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