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Top 10  Restaurants in Venice

10. Antica Trattoria Bandierette

MAP   SITE   +39 041 522 0619

Kicking off our Top Ten Venice restaurants is your classic, cozy, comforting Italian family restaurant. This charming little gem puts out pasta dishes only your grandmother could compete with. But Antica Trattoria Bandierette doesn’t just serve up incredible pasta, they feature some of the freshest and most succulent seafood around. Come eat like a local until you can’t walk and drink all the Venetian wine your heart desires. Open for lunch Wed – Mon 12 PM – 2 PM and dinner 6:45 PM – 10 PM. 

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9. Dal Moro's

MAP   SITE   +39 041 476 2876

Alright travelers, this is not your average pasta experience. The geniuses at Dal Marco’s have created a system that’s the coolest thing since sliced bread: fresh pasta to go. Choose the size of your box, any specialty house-made sauce that tickles your fancy, and you’ll be on your way with a spectacular meal-to-go! If you’re not feeling a long sit-down meal but you want that tasty Italian food, try out Dal Moro’s and you’ll be dal moaning. Open Mon – Sat 12-8:30 PM. 

8. Bistrot De Venise

MAP   MENU   +39 041 523 6651

Attention foodies: this is one Top 10 Venice cafe you are not going to want to miss! This restaurant markets itself as “not just a restaurant”—and we agree. This stellar establishment serves traditional Venetian cuisine paired with over 60 local and regional wines by the glass, a true Italian experience. Feel what it’s like to eat as the Venetians do, and pasta la vista baby! Open for lunch daily from 12 PM – 3 PM and for dinner 7 PM – 12 AM. 

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7. Riviera

MAP   MENU   +39 041 522 7621

If the floating city fascinates you to no end and you don’t want to leave the waterways even to eat, Riviera is the place for you. Located on the waterfront, this adorable Top 10 Venice eatery boasts some delicious modern Venetian dishes. Sit on the beautiful terrace and gaze at the winding waterways while you take in all that the floating city has to offer—but don’t forget your swim trunks (just in case you have too much wine)! Open for lunch Tues – Sun 12:30 PM – 3 PM and for dinner 7 PM – 10:30 PM. 

6. Caffe Del Doge

MAP   SITE   +39 041 522 7787

We couldn’t leave espresso (a.k.a. life fuel) off our Top Ten Venice caffes! Caffe Del Doge is a historic coffee roasting company founded way back in 1950, with the first roasting facility located near the Rialto Bridge (one of our Top Ten Venice attractions)! Serving up cappuccinos, espressos, croissants, and pastries, fill up on yummy treats before you travel the day away. Even if you don’t go until 7 PM, better latte than never! Open daily 7 AM – 7 PM. 

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5. Ai Gondolieri

MAP   SITE   +39 041 528 6396

This Top 10 Venice restaurant won’t just "meat" your expectations, it will exceed them. Featuring amazing signature cuts of meat in a refined Venetian atmosphere, Ai Gondolieri will leave you drooling for more. The décor revolves around a 50s/60s theme that keeps the energy lively and the patrons smiling. Another treasure located canal side, this restaurant combines great service, great atmosphere, and great food, what could be better? Well-done, Ai Gondolieri, well-done. Open daily 12 PM – 11:30 PM. 

4. Cocaeta


If you’re searching for those to-die-for Italian flavors without the 4-hour sit down Italian meal, Cocaeta has what you need. Featuring awesome street food oozing with flavor, this delicioso Top 10 Venice cafe offers something that will blow your mind: a crepe-dog. That’s right. A crepe and a hot dog, all in one. Mesmerizing travelers and locals alike, you won’t want to miss this new trend. Open Sun 5 PM – 11 PM, Wed – Thurs 7 PM – 11:30 PM, Fri 8:30 PM – 12:30 AM, Sat 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM. 

3. All’Arco

MAP   041 520 56 66

Are you a traveler that jams 462 destinations into every day of traveling? If that’s you—All’Arco is a great spot to grab a panini or a cicchetto as you’re flying between sights! While there’s no menu, it makes for the ultimate customizability of your order: only order the ingredients that look the best to you. The father and son duo that operate the restaurant can offer delicious suggestions if you aren’t sure. Just make sure you’re fast, the line moves quickly! Open Mon – Fri 8 AM – 2:30 PM. 

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2. Prosciutto E Parmigiano

MAP   SITE   +39 338 312 0284

The name of this restaurant alone made it a top contender for our Top 10 Venice eateries—yum! Prosciutto E Parmigiano is a delicatessen boasting some of the best meat and cheese combos in the floating city. Stop in and grab some bites to pair with bread from a nearby bakery and sit along the canal taking in the city. Don’t forget to grab some wine; after all, it’s not an Italian meal without wine! Open Mon – Sat for lunch from 7:30 AM – 2 PM and for dinner 3:30 PM – 7:30 PM. 

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1. Ristorante Ai Tre Garofani

MAP   MENU   +39 041 991307

Ristorante Ai Tre Garofani has graced the floating city with its presence for decades... and it is the perfect place to bring that special someone. The epitome of luxury, this Top 10 Venice dining establishment offers fresh seafood, mouthwatering pasta, and Venetian desserts like no other. Housed in a modern setting and emitting soothing vibes, the atmosphere is prime for a great date. As long as you don’t spill spaghetti sauce on your shirt, you’ll be golden. Open for lunch Tues – Fri and Sun 12 PM – 3 PM and for dinner Tues – Sun 7:30 PM – 12 AM.

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