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Top 10 Attractions in Venice

10. Bridge of Sighs

Kicking off our Top Ten Venice attractions is not something to sigh about—the Bridge of Sighs has been a part of Venice’s history since 1600. Designed to connect the interrogation rooms of Doge’s Palace to the prison, the bridge represents convicts’ final view of the beautiful city before containment (sigh). On a happier note, lovers are granted eternal bliss if they kiss at sunset in a gondola under this bridge as the bells toll. You could be in for love if you can follow highly specific instructions. Open 24/7. 

9. Piazzo San Marco

Do you know what time it is? It’s time to head down to Piazzo San Marco, one of the most energized areas of the floating city and the home to a fantastic historic clock tower. Adorable shops and elegant cafés surround this Top 10 Venice attraction. Tickets for the clock tower include entrance to a nearby former palace—double bang for your buck! Tours in Italian start at 12 PM and 4 PM while tours in English run Mon – Wed 10 AM & 11 AM and Thurs – Sun 2 PM & 3 PM. 

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8. Guggenheim Collection

If you’re looking to add a little art into your life, Venice is a great choice. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the most stunning modern collections of art in existence. Located in Ms. Guggenheim’s former palace along the Grand Canal, even the building will take your breath away. Over 400,000 visitors travel to the gorgeous Top 10 Venice art gallery each year to soak up some culture. By the way, what does a painter do when he’s cold? Puts on another coat. Open daily 10 AM – 6 PM, closed Tuesdays. 

7. Rialto Bridge

Bridging the historical gap for our Top Ten Venice attractions is the Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge to cross the Grand Canal. Connecting the San Marco and San Polo in the heart of the city, this bridge is constantly bustling with travelers and locals alike, walking between beautiful basilicas and charming cafés. The Rialto Bridge: helping people get over it since 1591. Feel free to walk on water any day, any time. Open daily.  

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6. San Marco Campanile

Does the Piazzo San Marco ring a bell? Nestled into one of our other Top Ten Venice attractions in St. Mark’s Basilica is the San Marco Campanile, the basilica’s magnificent bell tower. Ringing every hour on the hour, this bell tower is continuously making Venetian history. Soaring 98 meters high and topped with the Lion of St. Mark, you won’t want to miss this breath-taking symbol of Venice. Open daily 9:45 AM – 7 PM. 

5. Glass Blowing Foundry Tour

This Top 10 Venice attraction will take you to Murano, the glass blowing center for all of Venice. Witness expert glass blowers with your own traveling eyes as they create everything from fine jewelry to elegant chandeliers! Visit the glassware showroom in St. Mark’s square and learn the history of this ancient art form. Each guest receives a personal glass blown souvenir at the end of the tour—now you know what to bring your mom! Price is $11 per person. Tours bookable online.

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4. Doge’s Palace

Travelers: prepare yourselves for the level of cool that is the Doge’s Palace. Built in Gothic Venetian style, this magnificent masterpiece has been a Top 10 Venice landmark for centuries. Come experience the history hidden in the secret passageways, winding hallways, and dungeon prisons of the Doge's Palace. Just make sure you can wind your way back out to the canal (and the Venetian wine). Open daily 8:30 AM – 7 PM. 

3. St. Mark’s Basilica

We couldn’t keep the most famous church in all of Venice off our Top Ten Venice landmarks! St. Mark’s Basilica, with its beautiful marble floors and golden mosaics of biblical events scattered throughout the sanctuary, proves to be a magical experience each and every time. The stellar spectacle is a must-visit during your explorations of the gorgeous city—a true Venetian treasure. Open Mon – Sat 9:45 AM – 5 PM and Sun 2 AM – 5 PM. 

2. Venetian Island

These three fascinating islands, located in a lagoon, all happen to be famous for different historic Italian crafts and artistry. Murano is home to glass making factories, Burano is home to a colorful fisherman’s barrio, and Torcello is home to many ancient byzantine churches. Tour all three and have your pick of thousands of possible souvenirs for all your friends and family. Tours run for 4.5 hours and are bookable online. 

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1. Grand Canal

The main drag of the floating city channels its way to the top of our Top Ten Venice attractions! Zooming with gondolas, water buses, and Italian speedboats, the Grand Canal is seeping with the life and energy of Venice. Walk along the boardwalk or stop for some Italian gelato, either way enjoy the wonderful views and captivating atmosphere. Be careful not to lean too far over the railing, unless you wore your swimsuit under those travel clothes! 

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